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Procedures in case of an elevator shutdown or Emergency


Guidelines for unit owners, property managers, and security personnel.

Always gather as much information about elevator that is shut down or malfunctioning before placing a call to our service department. The more information that we have about the situation, the more efficiently we will be able to service your call.


In Case of a Fire

  1. Do not allow anyone to use the elevator. Everyone must use the stairs.

  2. If the elevator is equipped with fire service, activate it with the hall station key switch and have the fire service keys ready for the emergency personnel.

  3. If those in authority determine that it is safe for the building occupants to use certain elevators, announcements will be made and follow directions.

  4. Contact M.E.I so they can inspect the elevator for any damages.

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Instructions to Reset “Fireman’s Service”

The elevators should not be used in case of fire emergency and the stairs should be used to exit the building. However, once certain that there is not a threat of a fire in the building the elevator may be reset by authorized personnel only.

  1. Locate the red fireman’s key switch located near the elevators hall call button station at the main egress floor.

  2. Insert the fireman’s key and turn to the “bypass” or “reset” position and hold it there for a few moments allowing the elevator control system to reset.

  3. Then return the key to the “off” position and the fireman’s light should turn off and the elevator door will close. The elevator will then be back in normal operation.

  4. If the fireman’s light doesn’t turn off and stay off there may be a malfunctioning fire detecting device causing the elevator to remain in fireman’s service.
In Case of a Trapped Passenger

You should not attempt to rescue anyone from the elevator unless you have been properly instructed in the use of the emergency elevator door key. You should however do the following:

  1. Try to establish communication with the trapped passenger(s) either with the elevator telephone, intercom or by calling through the doors. Advise the passenger(s) that the appropriate step have been taken to remove them from the elevator.

  2. Find out if anyone may be injured or ill. If this is the case, immediately call 911. Should no one be injured, contact Motion Elevator Inc. at 1-800-739-1903 and advise of name of building, address and situation.
Elevator Safety Devices

Safety edge: This device is mounted on the edge of the elevator cab door and is operated mechanically. By pushing the edge back towards the door it will cause the elevator to re-open the door.

Electric photo eye: These are two part device that include a light beam transmitter and a light reflector. Generally located on the elevator cab door and door strike column at 5 inches and 29 inches up from the cab door sill. These devices detect an object when its beam has been broken and will cause the door to re-open without physical contact with the door.

Infrared light curtain: This device uses a transmitter and a receiver that extend the entire length of the cab door. The transmitter and receiver use infrared beams to curtain the entire opening of the door and if any beam is broken the door will re-open.

ADA Emergency Telephone: Provides reliable emergency communication without complicated dialing procedures.  Provides a voice message recorder identifying the location of the elevator.  The American with Disabilities Act require a two way voice emergency communication system in most elevators. In additional these systems must be motioned 24-hour a day at a location capable of dispatching help.

Emergency lighting and Alarm Bell: The function of the emergency lighting is to automatically engage when the normal power supply fails, it will illuminate the cab and allow passenger the use of the alarm bell and alert people of their entrapment.

Emergency elevator door key: A special tool used to unlock and open the elevator hall doors. Authorized Personnel that have been instructed in its proper use should only use this device.

Emergency exit: An escape hatch is located on the top and sometimes the sides of the elevator cab. These exits should always be locked from the outside and only used for rescue by a fireman or other emergency professional.
Procedures in the Event of a Hurricane

In the event of an imminent hurricane storm elevators are at risk of water damage, power surges and power failures. Elevators should not be used during a hurricane even if the building has a stand by generator. In case of a passenger entrapment, service response of an elevator technician may be limited due to hurricane debris making many streets inaccessible.

To reduce the risk of elevator damage there are certain precautions that can be taken. First if there are any windows or louvers in the elevator machine room a heavy sheet of plywood should be securely fastened over them. This will keep the rain from blowing in and damaging the electrical equipment. If your building has a sump pump in the elevator pit, be sure it is plugged in and in good working condition.
Next, the elevator car should be placed in the middle of the building to prevent any damage to the elevator cab, traveling cable or counterweights from the pit being flooded with water. If your building has elevator entrances exposed to the outside, it is then recommended to place the elevator at the top floor.
After placing the elevator in a safe position in the hoistway, shut the elevator off at the mainline disconnect in the elevator machine room.  
When the hurricane is over the plywood over the windows or louvers should be taken down to provide proper ventilation. However, before turning the elevator back on, you should have an elevator technician examine the elevator for any electrical or structural damage.

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