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Guidelines for unit owners, property managers, and security personnel.


Before placing a service call:

To reduce the time the elevator is shut down or avoid possibly paying for the cost of a service call, the following steps may be followed. Authorized personnel such as management, maintenance or security personnel should be instructed in these procedures and familiar with the elevator safety devices.  Authorized personnel should have access to emergency elevator door key and the keys used to access the elevator machine room that should be locked at all times.

  • Check to see if there is an passenger(s) trapped in the elevator and proceed to contact Motion Elevator Inc. at 1-800-739-1903.
  • Make sure you have full power in the building. Check for tripped circuit breakers and blown fuses in the meter room.
  • Check the door sills for any debris that may prevent the door(s) from closing or fully opening.
  • Be sure that the door protection devices such as mechanical safety edge, electric photo eyes, or an infrared light curtain are not obstructed.
  • Check the run/stop switch, located in the car station, is in the normal “run” position.
  • Verify that all other operating key switches such as independent service, inspection or access are in the “off” position.
  • If the elevator is equipped with fire service, check that the fireman’s warning light, shaped like a fireman’s hat, is not illuminated or blinking.
  • For Hydraulic elevator: if the elevator has not been in use or the temperature has dropped, run the car to the top floor several times. This will allow the oil to heat up and will ensure better performance.

Elevator Safety Tips:

  • Before getting on the elevator, know your destination and push the down or up button once and make sure to stand aside for exiting passenger(s).
  • Do not attempt to stop a closing door with anything. Just wait for the next elevator.
  • Pay close attention when entering and exiting an elevator. Observe the entrance floor and if elevator floor and hall floor are not leveled with each other, step over the gap if not dangerously wide.
  • When riding on the elevator, stand back from the doors and pay attention to the floor indicators and be prepared to exit at your desired floor.
  • Should the doors not open when the elevator stops, push the door open button. If the door still does not open, ring the alarm button and/or use the emergency telephone or intercom and ask for assistance.  Wait until qualified personnel can assist you. Never force the doors open or try to exit.  Attempting to force the elevator doors open is very dangerous and can result in injury.

Work Place Safety Toolkit Link: <<Click Here>>

Fujitec Teachers Kids Elevator & Escalator Safety Link: <<Click Here>>


Maintenance and Repair Tips:

  • Ride the elevator periodically and pay attention to its operation. Ride the elevator to each floor and check to see if it stops level with the floor. A slight difference could cause someone to trip and fall.
  • Vacuum the door track grooves to help prevent debris from jamming the doors.
  • When cleaning in the vicinity of the elevators, when using water, use CAUTION not to allow water to come in contact with any elevator equipment.  The areas of concern are the hall push buttons on the outside or to go under the outer doors of the elevators as this will get on the equipment inside the elevator shaft and will result in damage to the equipment.  Damage from water to the equipment can occur immediately or later, which will result in unnecessary costs to the building.
  • Make a list of any burned out indicator lights or other minor items and leave it in a location for the technician or fax to Motion Elevator Inc. at 954-969-8770 so that these items can be addressed at our next visit.
  • Do not use the elevator machine room for storage.  Keep the elevator machine room closed and locked and allow only authorized personnel to enter. Fire extinguishers should be annually inspected and tagged. Make sure the elevator machine room is kept at the correct temperature.
  • Gently push buttons, do not hit, pound or kick elevator call buttons, this will damage the internal components and can cause the elevator to shut down.
  • Do not push or pull the elevator doors open or closed, doing so can damage the equipment.
  • If the elevator seems to be operating in an unsafe manner be sure that nobody uses the elevator and report it to your elevator company immediately.
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