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Protective wall padding for elevator cab interiors.

Coordinate your elevators with our colorful wall padding choices. With the most complete line of colors available in the industry and the largest selection of hooks and studs, you can protect your elevators just the way you want. Vinyl Pads are tough, flame retardent, and conform to all safety codes.

Tuff Vinyl Colors

Royal Blue Light Blue Light Grey Slate Grey Tan
Nutmeg Brown Forest Green Burgundy Black  

Delux Heavy Duty Vinyl Colors

Delux Blue Delux light Blue Delux Grey Delux Tan  
Rugged Canvas Colors
Light Grey Charcoal Grey Light Blue Brown  
Pad Mounting Studs
Mounting Studs are offered many styles and 3 different finishes: Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Brass
Pad Hooks
Black Rubber Coated Steel and Stainless Steel designs
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