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Elevator Wall Indetification

Most elevator cabs have 4 walls that would get panels. The image to the right indicates the proper wall labeling identification when refering to the elevator cabs walls. The walls of the elvator cab can be coverd with several different materials. please take a moment to look at the different options that Motion Elevator offers for covering the wall panles of your elevator cab.

Please use our Laminate_Order_Form to order the proper formica for each wall in your elevator cab.


Wall Panel Material Options


• Laminate
Laminate is highly durable and functional for just about any surface. No matter what your budget or style, whether you are a design professional or a consumer, laminate can fit your needs.

Please choose your color by choosing from the following 2 brands below.

Below are a few samples of laminates avialable

• Natural Wood Veneers
Natural wood veneer adds a beautiful touch of class to your elevator cab ride. Choose from a variety of natural wood veneer surfaces to use as wall panels for your cab.

Below are a few samples of wood veneers avialable

• Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel makes for a more industrial look and feel to your cab. It can be incorporated into a design as an accent covering, or can be used for the entire wall panel. Its durability makes it a great product to use in freight elevators, or any lift that gets heavy wear and tare.

Below are a few samples of steel surafaces avialable
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